Much gratitude to the lovely people that have taken the time to write down their experience of having Sarah as their yoga teacher.
On behalf of Shobna, myself and the girls of the U13 Springfield Pumas OzTag State Cup team – I would like to extend the largest thank you possible for our Friday morning yoga session.  Our girls responded very positively to your guidance and we incorporated your breathing and focus exercises  into every pre-game warm-up session (at the girls request!).
It is with pride that I report that our girls fought hard and were runners-up at the competition.  A feet only possible because of the mindfulness and head space work we have been doing.  Given our low numbers and high injury count many would have assumed an early exit was on the cards, but they consistently rallied and allowed their minds and bodies to negoitate…. and showed up! Whenever they became overwhelmed we simply reverted back to your exercises and they went forward in strides.
Shobna and I both agree that your session was an imperative component to our success and was by far one of the best yoga sessions we have done.

Hollie Rowsell

Thank you Sarah for introducing me to yoga! particularly at a time where i felt i needed to make an effort to increase my flexibility and increase my core strength. Coming out of years of playing sport and having an active lifestyle, to a now busy life full of commitments with too much time sitting, yoga has been a perfect way to not only maintain my body mentally and physically, but also to just unwind, and breathe! Your clear instructions, enthusiasm, and friendly smile make the classes a pleasure to be at.

Thanks again!

Matt, Currimundi

As an athlete in a contact sport I need to look after my body. Sarah always takes the time to check in on any injuries I have and modifies any poses that may be troublesome. She has a thorough understanding of the body and how to strengthen each and every muscle. I’m very competitive and like a challenge. Sarah knows when to challenge me and when to remind me I’m not ready to take the next step. I live in a fast paced world and it’s nice to know I can turn up to a class, after going missing for a few weeks, to a smile. I leave every class feeling glad I chose to get up and complete my practice.

Jo Kerr, Sunshine Coast

I have been attending Sarah’s yoga classes for about 6 years and thoroughly recommend her as a teacher. She teaches from a solid knowledge of yoga and the human body and caters for everyone no matter what their level. The mix of people at the classes is comforting – I feel particularly inspired by the people who don’t find yoga easy, but roll out their mats anyway. Sarah is very clever at understanding when you are ready to advance in a pose, and encouraging you to go a little further just when you are ready.

Clare Staines

I have been practising yoga with Sarah Haralambous for several years now, and cannot give enough praise for Sarah.  She is an incredible teacher; supportive, caring and totally authentic. She lives and practices what she teaches. Although I may never be super flexible and be able to do some of the postures fully, that is fine, because to me,  yoga is a very personal thing and the very fact that it is now an integral part of my life, after dabbling in it for a few years, is what is important. I thank Sarah for helping me embrace it more fully.

Not only does yoga keep me centred, calmer and gives me more clarity in life, it certainly helps in my work as a Mindset Coach, helping other people. I believe the strength and flexibility I have gained since committing to yoga has also made a huge difference to my running, and overall wellbeing.  So, if you live locally on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, come along to one of Sarah’s classes and see for yourself. Your future self will thank you! Thank you Sarah,


Mandy Napier Mindset & Performance Coach

“I have been attending Sarah’s yoga classes for many years now, starting with basic general classes and then expanding into Ashtanga under her guidance. Recently after developing RA, her support and guidance has played an integral part in keeping me active and centred. Her ability to be flexible in her approach and her willingness to search out alternatives to enable me to participate in her classes is commendable.

As a result I have learnt so much more and become stronger in ways I had never imagined possible.
I recommend Sarah to anyone wishing to embark on their yoga journey and to those continuing on in theirs.

‘Yoga is so much more than the poses performed in class and our individual ability to do those poses’
Thanks Sarah!”

Lisa, Little Mountain

I am continually thankful that I have found Sarah Louisa Yoga. Sarah you are a fabulous teacher and have shared and showed me so much during the past couple of years. I have thoroughly enjoyed our classes. Out of each class I can take away something that provides that positive vibe to my busiest day! Thank you thank you thank you – I have finally found my thing! Yoga with you Sarah has been a fantastic journey and one that I have enjoyed. You are a fabulous teacher, your hands on approach, encouraging manner and the confidence you share is a blessing.

Penny Service

Sarah has been my yoga teacher for the past 4 years. Sarah’s classes are challenging, relaxing, energizing, sometimes frustrating but above all make a real, positive difference to my physical and emotional well being.  Sarah’s knowledge, passion and love of yoga motivate me to integrate yoga into my daily life. As a teacher she is a perfect combination of gentle, firm, caring, funny, humble and challenging. Whether it is a restorative or high energy ashtanga class, I ALWAYS walk out of yoga happy and grateful that I have invested my time wisely. I am so grateful that Sarah is my yoga teacher and could not recommend her more highly.

Jodie Kimberg
Mum of 2 energetic young boys and QANTAS International flight attendant

I absolutely love going to Sarah’s yoga classes, she is such a lovely instructor. She has a lovely voice, is very clear in her descriptions of posses and very kind and generous in her encouragement. And I love the quotes at the end of class. Thank you Sarah!

Kate Morris

I feel blessed to have been introduced to Sarah’s yoga classes a couple of years ago. Sarah has the ability to cater for a wide cross-range of experience levels in the one class, and is forever vigilant with assisting each and everyone personally with their practise throughout the class, in both a nurturing and challenging way – never judgmental.  I really like the way Sarah always welcomes our feedback and accommodates all students wherever possible with a variety of classes   Her approach is both professional and friendly and its inspirational to me to know that she is not only dedicated to us but a dedicated student herself.  Sarah has been, and continues to be an immense help to me.  Thank you Sarah.

Namaste, Lyn Colautti

A couple of years ago my body started telling me to get back into practicing Yoga.  After looking around at many different Yoga studios and classes a friend recommended that I contact Sarah. I cannot thank Sarah enough for her support, patience and knowledge in helping me regain my love of Yoga. Thank you for being an inspirational  teacher.

Toby Klein

I just wanted to thank MY yoga teacher Sarah for changing my life and giving me a reason to get up in the mornings. By attending Sarah’s yoga classes as much as I can I have discovered that I am feeling a lot happier and calmer in my daily life (I suffer depression).  Plus I have noticed my body is looking a lot stronger and leaner which is always a bonus 😉

Anyway, thank you so much Sarah, you are very much appreciated and I love everything about your classes from the music to the ‘today’s passage’. Plus all the other yoga attendees agree you are definitely gifted and it’s great that you share this with us.

From a very happy attendee xx

I have dabbled in yoga for around 20 years, attending classes here and there and never really sticking with it. I have to say that thanks to Sarah’s gentle guidance and obvious passion for yoga, I have been going to yoga each week continuously for almost three years. Even by going to only one class a week, I have found that over time, I am finding myself able to do poses I had never thought possible.

I like the way the classes are structured in such a way that I can be on my mat beside a more advanced student doing the advanced poses, as well as a beginner doing theirs. As I would consider myself to be an “Intermediate” it’s great to see that we can all attend class together and get the most out of it without feeling as if we’re not getting the instructions or attention we need. It’s also always a good spread of ages there – young and old – so I never feel uncomfortable.

I enjoy Sarah’s teaching style – her verbal instructions are clear, her demonstrations are quick and easy to understand and I like the way the room is always relaxingly dim with no harsh lighting and I especially enjoy Sarah’s sense of humour. I’ll always remember the time she said “You’re only standing on one foot – you’re not going to die” haha just what I needed to hear at the time.

Lulu Donald, Maroochydore

Here is some feedback from the yoga challenges Sarah regularly organises:

Thank you Sarah I’ve loved writing a journal. It’s helped with my awareness of my thoughts and my practice. Looking back, I have been to more or less 3 classes a week consistently. I can’t help thinking the challenge has meant some of us have bonded more. Thank you for your feedback on our journals. It’s alway very helpful:)

From Holly at Moffat Beach, Caloundra

Hi Sarah,

My first long haul challenge has certainly been long, it seems so long ago since I so excitedly wrote my first entry into your lovely journal, but after 3 months I still excitedly write in my journal.

What did I get out of it? I think probably way more than I realise, I am sure I have done more yoga because I had to record it – the mere fact that you commit to paper your practice it makes you keep track of the days you do and don’t do yoga and you can’t just think that it was only a day or two ago that you did a practice when in fact it was 4 or 5.

What worked for me? Doing more yoga definitely works for me, but doing a journal made me reflect on how I felt, why I felt, my improvements, my backwards steps, and generally keep in touch with my body and brain.

Will you continue all or parts of it? I can’t imagine not doing yoga at the very least 3 times per week. I would be very disappointed if I were to not continue my yoga routine.

Did I get what I needed/looking for? I didn’t realise I was looking for or needed anything, but I have really enjoyed the last 3 months of yoga, I feel like my understanding of and connection to yoga has been cemented. I feel like it is part of me, and it is no longer just something I do a few times a week. I know there is way more to learn- it is a huge field – but it has my interest and I am keen to learn more.

Thank you Sarah for setting this challenge, it ended up being way deeper than it seemed at first glance…..you are a clever little thing!!

Kate Morris, Shelley Beach, Caloundra

Having always been rather inconsistent with yoga, or indeed any exercise I take up (especially over holidays!), I was, as always, very keen to take on the challenge in the hope that it would keep me on the “straight and narrow”. I am therefore very happy to report that although I didn’t complete every page of my diary, I am fairly certain that I completed the required 3 practices per week and I can emphatically state, that I would never had managed that without this challenge having been set.  I know that without the challenge I would probably have had a 2-3 week “lazy” break after the new year – instead – I came along to class and did my home practice – often reluctantly as a school student might do their homework – but I did it nevertheless!.

Having looked back over my diary, I can see that on the days that I didn’t practice yoga, or got too little sleep or drank too much wine and not enough water, that my energy levels were generally a lot lower. Even on the days that I slept too little or ate or drank too much (eg when travelling) if I did some yoga those days I still felt a lot better. This is something I knew on a sub-conscious level but having seen it written on paper, it really helped to cement it in my mind.

I am therefore very grateful that I participated in this challenge to keep my yoga practice consistent and am hopeful that I’ve set some good habits that I will continue.

Thank you Sarah – I’m always so grateful for your guidance and encouragement xx

Lulu, Maroochydore

“I learnt a lot about myself. I learnt routine is my best friend and when I’m in the flow life is easy. I learnt I’m a control freak and a perfectionist and instead of jumping on the mat for 15 minutes I give up altogether because I’ve missed the window for my 1.5hr practice. I’ve also learnt I give up when things get tough even though I know I need yoga the most.  For me, setting a morning routine is the biggest lesson I learnt, as I noticed throughout the challenge when I didn’t practice in the morning it was harder to motivate myself to practice at all. I got so much out of the challenge and I enjoyed it, it made me realise life will never be perfect so it’s unrealistic for me to expect that of my practice. I’m definitely more mindful from doing the challenge. Thanks Sarah! :)”
Kylie Fenton, Buddina, Kawana



Jodie Kimberg, Golden Beach, Caloundra

Really noticed the correlation between what I eat and how I feel the next day. Also noticed/observed my resistance to putting myself & the ‘good stuff’ for myself first. Also really noticed how I can easily waste time on energy draining things which deletes time for positive things.

I would just like to take the opportunity once again to thank you for your dedication and commitment to yoga and us yogis.  You are a real gem and we’re blessed to have you as our teacher and friend.


Love Lyn xo

“At it’s best, yoga is a nondogmatic, nonreligious path toward self-realization. All yoga is experiential by definition, because no one can do your daily practice or live your awakening for you. No matter how many times you read about it or hear about it from your teacher, nothing on the path is real for you until you actually feel it in your own body, mind, and soul. Teachers and tradition illuminate the path for you, but you have to take each step with your own two feet.” Kino MacGregor

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